June is in Bloom Summer shops Gallore!

Happy June my friends!

It is time for another month of shopping news!

I have so much to share so keep reading…

I found a site with 219 companies to sign up with

so get signed up today! Fill out this form for more

information: Click here now!

For the latest shopping updates go to my FB @


This month all sorts of shops are available from

audits, mystery shopping (shop a store/apt or business

then fill out a survey.), to casual dining! Shipping

a package? Flying to someplace? Get paid to do most

of your every month activities.  Remember those Time Share

presentations? Now get paid to sit thru it and spend the

night! Pick up those tickets to Vegas or those steak knives lol

but get paid to shop.


Within 90 days you could have a part time income from

$500 to $1000+ a month! You set your own hours and select

your type of assignments! Don like audits, shop an apt complex!

Don’t have time, simply get paid to make a phone call! Yes,

a phone call! 🙂 There is not much I have not seen that I can

NOT get paid to do that I do on a monthly basis anyway.

You eat out, You buys clothes, you search for a new phone,

you pass apt complex on the way to work, stop in an shop

one and make some extra gas money! Gas is going up the

Summer gets going! Don’t get caught June 21st with out any

extra cash!

To start your shopping career go to the following sites, here are

a few of my favorite schedules with some awesome companies!

Email them direct and tell them Teri Spears referred you! MsTery is

is my code name shhhhh lol

Intelli-shop email ===> shannon.scarberry@intelli-shop.com

Car/Autmobile (get a tune up..MALES NEEDED ASAP) BESTMARK https://apply.bestmark.com/?r=CA58941

Theatre checks, reviews and trailers (yes get paid to watch em) Marketforce http://www.certifiedfieldassociate.com/

Smartphone shops Intellishop? GFK (pays every 2 wks) email  ===> christy.ensley@gfk.com

Food and dining (NWLP and jack n box people) cat@ctcss.com

Awesome dining =====> http://shoppers.nwlpc.com

That Should get you started and for more awesome companies to shop with

stay tuned and check out my FB weekly. Check this monthly.

Have a great Summer and Happy Shopping!

Teri Spears aka MsteryLady!



Follow me on twitter @ Teri Spears (I already have 5k FB friends ;-( )







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