Don’t FALL into Poverty this Autumn Season



Welcome Back Holiday Shoppers! I hope you had an awesome Labor day and ready to get back to earning income.  It is not the “official” shopping season yet so why not get a head start, shopping while shopping!? Besides, by the time the bill comes due, you can earn the extra money and actaully have a disposable income!

Mystery Shoppers Are Needed ASAP! Now is the time for pre-shopping for the holidays (yes, they are sneaking in the holiday commercials already!) so earn some extra cash by joining us! Sign up today, shop tomorow!

See my weebly blog for links only page and to get right to work, otherwise, do some due diligence by researching me, and some of the companies I have worked with! #1 Rule: NO ONE PREPAY’S YOU PRIOR TO COMPLETING SHOP. Make sure you have done your homework and research the companies by using Alexa, FB and other forums and especially my services which are all free!

So here is to a great shopping season and I am so glad to be back in the saddle myself!


Happy Shopping,

MsTery Lady ~*~
For my favorite top comanies, email me today or checkout my other blog at! or find me on FB under MsteryLady for updated shops daily!


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