Welcome to MsteryLady’s June issue!


I am blogging once a week but you can check out my FB page for daily and weekly updates!

It has been a great start of the Summer Season with amazing shops from eateries, shoe shops, sunglasses, smartphones and watches, to apartment shops and much much more!

I have joined a few new companies myself, in which I am getting off to a great start income wise for Summer.  They are ISecretshop, ISPO and a few others, please see links at bottom of blog!

For the latest information it is best to find me on FB at:


Please check back here for my latest ventures, opinions and updates!


To register with iSecret shop go right to registration page: https://isecretshop.com/register/

With this company you can sign up with 20 other companies at once!

Get your car in gear before you head out, get paid to change oil, service or get tires rotated. Check out BestMark at: https://apply.bestmark.com/?r=CA58941

This outta get you started on your way, if you have any questions email me at:

mstery2015@gmail.com or inbox me on FB.

Have a great Week, and until next shop, HAPPY SHOPPING!



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