Have you enrolled to be a Mystery Shopper yet? Its time for spring outfits, Summer fashions and bikini’s so lets get started by earning extra money, We are out there anyway and becoming a consumer is a must to keep our economy going.

Go to my facebook page or my weebly site:


I can not get you rich, but I can provide you with referrals for legitimate shopping companies, updates and perhaps earn an extra $300 to $500 a month. This is a legitimate business, with top of the line clients, I even test drive expensive cars, which is a favorite, it is an what has kept me afloat for over 3 years.

Get out enjoy the sun, try a shop, if its not for you, you know a girlfriend who need some extra money for shoes, or men who need some pocket money. Currently seeking young market ages 20 to 30, also Spanish speaking shops are paying $200.00.

I am going on my fourth year, getting my licenses and certificates in order and then retiring into part time, while pursuing my dream…Ted.tv. Then write, begin Public speaking and perhaps a little art and photography. I am an academic artistic soul, I walk a different path.  This is not for everyone as it takes, discipline, follow up, written skills, and serious record keeping.


Imagine, shopping after a full 90 probationary period, which is when the money starts to roll in for everything but this an investment, only of your time or if you take a Casino shop or food outing, which you get paid back, plus the pay for the shop! In 90 days you will be getting paid daily if not weekly. Do the math.

Its going to be a great career and way to earn money and stay healthy. As many of you know I am on medical leave for a bit, yearly exams, some personal issues, but I am doing well. So I need my companies I work with to keep going, I hope you try one just to say you did one. Add it to your bucket list.

Give Mystery Shopping a chance, its not a scam, NO ONE GETS THEIR PAYCHECK PRIOR TO THEIR FIRST DAY OF WORK” beware of scams. Do your homework, and check my pages. Send me references as this is for all ages, even 13 year olds who love to play video games.

This is the blog for our Spring events and updates, get ready for Summer as MSPA will be here in June for the conventionm ckcick under ShopperFest 2016  and I hope to meet you guys there.

Keep it a Mystery,








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